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We have agreements with certain 3PL warehouses that want to liquidate some of their inventory. The reasons for liquidation vary for each product. But regardless of the reason usually you can get awesome deals. Obviously some products require research if it's worthwhile but most of the time it is if you are able to get an audience to see it.

There isn't any specific category of products that we have access to. There can be random odds and ends. Although we try to look for stuff that have large quantites and some resale value but we will list anything that we think someone might be interested in. There were times when we were surpised what people bought, so we try not to be too picky when choosing what to list on here.

In each listing we will try to add as much information as we think is necessary regarding the item. You can contact us if you have any questions whether regarding the item, shipping/pickup information, scheduling a time to view it, or anything else. Most of our listings will be located in NJ.

Last thing - We don't know when new deals will be added to the site. If you'd like to get updates when we post something you can suscribe to receive emails. It will be one email a week if something new is posted. If nothing new was posted then no email will be sent.

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