Leaf Rollerz Cigarette Rolling Machine


Cigarette rolling device. Can be used for tobacco or anything else. You put the tobacco inside and and feed a cigarette paper (not supplied) through it to create your own rolled cigarettes.

Limit of one per person.

Will ship out within 3 days if all instructions are followed.

Available for free but you have to upload your own shipping label. See details below.

In stock



This product is free but you must upload your own shipping label for it to be shipped out. A upload button will be available at checkout for this product. Since I am giving this away for free I have some requirements to streamline my process.


  1. Always purchase postage that you can get a refund for in case it runs out of stock after you purchase postage.
  2. Use a site like pirateship.com to get cheaper postage rates, easy tracking of all shipments, and easy postage refund requests if need be.
  3. Check the weight and dimensions of the product to see how much postage you need. In this case a USPS 4oz First Class label is enough
  4. An email address is required in case I need to contact you. You can use a spam email and fake address when checking out if you are scared I will sell your information (I won’t).
  5. If you are happy with my website please pass the message on to your friends or share on social media 🙂



  1. The label must be in half sheet format which is a standard size for a lot of postage sites. It should look like this image
  2. The “From” address should be 1820 Swarthmore Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701. The reason being; if I drop it off at a post office in NJ with a “From” address of a different state they will not accept it.
  3. The file format must be .pdf, .png, or .jpeg (PDF is preferred and is what most sites give you when purchasing labels) and less than 2mb in size.
  4. The postage must be enough to cover shipping. In this case 4oz is enough

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in