Level 99 Games Battlecon Trials of Indines Board Game


  • For 2 players
  • 10-45 minute playing time
  • More new combos, moves, and strategies to give you greater variety in your battlecon games
  • This set brings an additional 10 fighters into the game with more new combos, moves, and strategies to give you greater variety in your BattleCON games.

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BattleCon : Trials of the Indines


Trials introduces 10 new fighters

BattleCON is the head-to-head fighting board game that changes everything! Choose from a roster of over seventy unique heroes and villains from the World of Indines and bring your skills to bear in a contest of wits and strategy. BattleCON tempers the fast-paced and varied combat of a duel with the strategic decision-making of a board game to create an unparalleled experience.

Each BattleCON Fighter brings a new unique mechanic to the table–gain levels mid-battle, transform to access new attacks, infuse your weapons with elemental power, and more! Whether you prefer to fight with blade or fist, magic or muscle, there’s a fighter for you! With over ten different play modes to play and master, no two games of BattleCON will ever be quite alike!

BattleCON utilizes a system of connecting cards–every character is able to make basic punches, kicks, throws, and dodges. What makes each character unique are their styles. Even though we both have a heavy punch, your heavy punch will be vastly different than mine, and since each character has five styles and seven basic attacks to choose from, there’s always an option available that will turn the battle in your favor!

BattleCON is not collectible–there are no random packs and no rare cards. A few expansions open up new modes of play, like boss battles, enhanced Tag Team Mode, and character customization, but these are all secondary on top of the main game. Everything that you will need to play both casually with friends and competitively in tournaments is included in the box.

2  players

Ages 15+

10+ Minutes play time

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